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The lady behind the heels 

Hello dawling!

I'm Hayley. Aka. The High Heel Housewife 💋 xoxo

I got my first degree in design while living in Northern Ireland in 1991. My mother was a florist and she taught me the ways of flowers and the love of OVER decorating. I worked as a store merchandiser for many years on the Oregon coast before starting my own wedding and design business. My event business was called Upper Crust Designs and I did over 200 events one year along the Oregon coast! Yes, I burnt myself out and never wanted to do another wedding for as long as I lived!!!

I was also very involved with theater on the Oregon Coast where I ran a Cabernet theater, dance studio, and lived my best life as a stage and production designer, choreographer, actress, and a playwright. I did all this while owning a fine dining Italian restaurant and raising four kids. 🙄🙄🙄

Fast forward a few years and I attended the Arts Institute for film and production with the emphasis on pre-production and set design. I also continued to my passion for script writing and costume design.

Fast forward again a few more years and here I am in the Tri-Cities, Washington area reviving my design business! My amazing children are all grown and I am excited to continue planning, building, and creating awesome and amazing events. I love using my florist to skills and my nack for creating amazing food designs and using my theater background to transport guests to another reality. Including photo shoots, corporate events, birthday parties, bridal showers, and of course weddings. Heck, if you need a theater production designer and set builder I can do that too!!!

So there you have it folks! 20 years of design experience and floral design under my belt and I can pretty much create anything you can imagine!

I am available to travel for your event and have two storage units full of amazing decor, florals and lighting. 😅. Did I mention I worked for Pier 1 for 4 years as a display artist also? And yes, I did buy the entire store 🤣🤣🤣

Message me for prices and availability!

Ciao Bella! 👠👠👠ggg 

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